BerrieDex is a Decentralized Multichain Exchange

BerrieDex offers traders the best products on the market with the highest rate of return and zero chance of liquidation. These include the products offered by BerrieLabs and other exciting tokens on most L1 and L2 blockchains.

Full orderbook DEX + AMM Aggregator

No Bridging Required

Live on Algorand, Soon on Ethereum, Binance, Arbitrum, Optimism and Avalanche

Hybrid Aggregating Automated Market Maker (haAMM)

Completely Non-Custodial


BerrieLabs is Multiple Teams of Experienced Traders and Developers

It offers DeFi products and CeFi contracts to the market with the highest possible return on investment and zero possibility of liquidation, these include

Square BTC

For example if Bitcoin’s price moves from $100 to $110, the spot percentage change would be 10%. However, for BTC², the value would become 110²/100², which is approximately 21%, or around 2 times the spot percentage change.

Square Eth

Similar to Square BTC BerrieLabs will provide tradeable Square Ethereum contracts.

20x Long Exposure on BTC&ETH

Similar to a call option, BerrieLabs will offer a token at X price and if BTC or ETH closes above a certain price(say +10%) within a time period. BerrieLabs will buy back said token at 20x the price the token was sold for.

20x Short Exposure on BTC&ETH

Same as the Long Exposure, if price closes below a certain price in a time period, the tokens will be bought back at 20x the original price.


In the future BerrieLabs will offer FX markets for less popular currencies like the NGN.

Launch Pad

BerrieDex will offer Launch Pad opportunities.


With the launch of Perps on BerrieDex, BerrieLabs will offer a perpetual market backed by a Basket of the most popular NFTs.


BerrieDex will be first to list any exciting Token on any Blockchain


Are you feeling Lucky?

Berrie Whitepaper

The Future of Decentralized Finance: BerrieDex and BERRIE Ecosystem

Abstract: Welcome to the BerrieDex ecosystem, where innovation meets stability in the realm of decentralized finance (DeFi). BerrieDex, our flagship decentralized exchange, powered by the revolutionary $BERRIE token, is poised to transform the landscape of multichain trading. This whitepaper introduces an enticing opportunity for you to participate in an ecosystem brimming with exciting products, including NFT index ETFs, Square BTC contracts, options contracts, perpetual offerings on forex markets, and more. Join us on this journey as we redefine financial freedom, one transaction at a time.

1. Introduction:

BerrieDex is a groundbreaking decentralized exchange that offers an unparalleled trading experience, introducing innovative products and eliminating the risk of liquidation. At its core is $BERRIE, a limited-edition token that not only powers the BerrieDex platform but also rewards its holders with 100% of the fees collected from the exchange. The BerrieDex multichain platform, currently live on Algorand and expanding to major EVM-capable blockchains, guarantees seamless, non-custodial trading without the need for bridging assets

2. $BERRIE Token:

  • Total Supply: 1 million $BERRIE
  • Public Sale: 20%
  • Team and Community Incentives: 40% (Vested)
  • Treasury: 20% (Vested)
  • Founders Incentives: 20% (Off-Market)

3. BerrieDex Features:

  • Full order book DEX
  • AMM Aggregator
  • No Bridging Required
  • Live on Algorand
  • Soon on Ethereum, Binance, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Avalanche
  • Hybrid Aggregating Automated Market Maker (haAMM)
  • Completely Non-Custodial

BerrieDEX testnet: BERRIEDEX.COM 


4. BerrieLabs:

BerrieLabs, a division within the BerrieDex ecosystem, is dedicated to providing a diverse array of DeFi and CeFi products, ensuring high ROI and zero liquidation risk. BerrieLabs introduces:

  • Square BTC and Square Eth Contracts
  • 20x Long & Short Exposure Options on BTC & ETH
  • Forex Perpetual Markets (PERPS)
  • Launch Pad Opportunities
  • NFT Tokens backed by a Basket of Popular NFTs
  • Memecoins and Lotteries


5. Community Engagement and BERRIE Airdrop:

BerrieDex values its community, and to express our gratitude, we introduce the BERRIE Airdrop. Community members actively participating in BerrieDex growth, including trading on the platform and engaging on social media, stand a chance to receive a slow-drip release of $BERRIE tokens.

6. Roadmap:

Our roadmap outlines an exciting journey for the upcoming quarters, including the launch of $BERRIE token, BerrieDex, BerrieLabs NFT ETF Index, and the BERRIE staking mechanism in the last quarter of this year. The first quarter of the following year will witness the launch of Forex Perps markets and the BERRIE Airdrop.

7. Team:

At the heart of the Berrie ecosystem is a dynamic and experienced team of visionaries, Developers, Traders, Influencers, and Enthusiasts who have been shaping the digital landscape since 2012. With a cumulative expertise spanning multiple decades in cryptocurrency and finance, our team members have played pivotal roles in various successful blockchain projects and have garnered a vast following of over 2 million supporters across social media platforms including Twitter, Telegram, YouTube, and more.

8. Conclusion:

The BerrieDex ecosystem, powered by the $BERRIE token, promises a future where decentralized finance is not just accessible but also rewarding for every participant. As we forge ahead into this new era of financial freedom, we invite you to join us, become $BERRIE holders, and experience a world of limitless possibilities in the BerrieDex Universe.

Join us today and let’s revolutionize finance together!

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